Sax and Violins

(the ins and outs of my fecal matters)

Working Class Intellectual
5 October 1983
A very wise and special girl once taught me that the meaning of life can be summed up in one single word: EMPTINESS.

i'm punker than a new born baby. your mom's hot. i made out with your girlfriend and she tasted like tuna salad. i bite dogs that bite me first. i don't wanna sound queer or nothin, but i think unicorns kick ass. the beatles are overrated. you'd probably hate me, but that's ok because i'd probably hate you too. rubberbabybuggybumpers. piss off and dye.
(oldschool) all that, 2tone, american history x, american skin, anti racist skinheads, anti-government, anti-homophobic, anti-nazi, anti-war, ari ental, assorted jelly beans, aus rotten, baseball socks, baseketball, bathumb, beanies, blanks77, bondage pants, bottle rockets, breaking the law, california, cannibal the musical, cartoons, chasing amy, chicago, choking victim, civil disobedience, clarissa explains it all, clerks, comic books, concerts, converse all stars, converse allstars, crust, cut-offs, david the gnome, doc martens, dogma, donnie darko, doubledare, drawing, duct tape, el gallo, emo girls, empire records, eureka's castle, fight club, flag burning, gummo, gutterpunk, hair dye, hardcore, hardcore girls, holden caulfield, hoodies, huck finn's, i suck, igby goes down, independent movies, indie flicks, infomercials, invader zim, ivy dudko, jay and silent bob, jbtv, jhonen vasquez, jthm, kevin smith movies, kevin spacey, kids, leather jackets, leftover crack, limp bizkit sucks, lisa lude, local bands, loitering, mallrats, matthew lillard, middle finger, mohawks, momento, mosh pits, mystery science theater 3000, nail polish, new wave, noozles, oi, once were warriors, orgazmo, paint markers, perfect hug, pete and pete, pez, pez dispensers, photography, pi, piercings, pixie stix, plaid stuff, poetry, pro-feminist, profanity scrabble, punk, punk girls, pyramid studs, riot grrls, robin williams, romper stomper, roundhouse, safety pins, salute your shorts, schizopolis, sharpies, sid and nancy, ska, skanking, skateboards, skinhead byrds, slam dancing, slc punk, snorks, sparkled red nailpolish, sporks, spray paint, squee, stanley kubrick, straightedge, street metal, suburbia, sxe, taking the l, tank girl, tattoos, terror toons, the blair thumb, the great gatsby, the things they carried, the viewaskewniverse, thrift stores, thumb wars, thumbtanic, trainspotting, tv, viewaskew, virgin suicides, walt flanagan's dog, welcome to the dollhouse, your girlfriend